In Development

We are always looking for opportunities to create something unique and extraordinary with each new film project!

Revival – One woman’s secret forces three destinies to intertwine when a young robotics student living in France is determined to root out the truth of his father’s wartime death in Armenia / Artsakh… his girlfriend, a young Frenchwoman sets out to reunite with her estranged volcanologist father in Iceland to trace her indigenous Canadian roots… his esteemed French professor, a descendent of a Holocaust survivor, reclaims his abandoned Jewish roots in Israel in search of the meaning of life. Along the way, an artificial intelligence system evolves via their hardships and forced sacrifices that bring them closer to their true identity.

Black List – Tells the Kafkaesque, true story of Alexander Lapshin, a Russian/ Israeli travel blogger who, unwittingly, found himself on Azerbaijan’s infamous Black List. He survived , arrest, imprisonment and a brutal assassination attempt, in a tale more chilling than any invented by John Le Carre’. Caught in a web of international intrigue and blackmail, Lapshin, incredibly wound up being accused of being an Armenian spy, and plotting to overthrow the government of Azerbaijan because of casual comments on his travel Blog and a visit to Nagorno-Karabakh, an area claimed by both Armenia and Azerbaijan.  Lapshin’s arrest in Belarus and subsequent extradition to stand trial in Azerbaijan, became an international human rights cause celebre that continues to reverberate until today. A terrifying tale of one man pitted against all the machinery of a Stalinist, totalitarian regime.

The Mountain Builders in Baa’belon – The Epic story of Hayk and Bell.The story takes place circa 3000 B.C.E. after the Great Flood, during the clash of ancient civilizations. Bel, the ruler of Baa’belon, invites Hayk, master builder and fifth-generation descendant of Noah, to construct a tower that would supposedly protect citizens from future floods. Thanks to Hayk and his descendants, the shelter rises and Baa’belon flourishes. However, Bel becomes arrogant and reveals his true, evil intentions.

The Stateless Diplomat – Intertwining stories a century apart, a Japanese painter unexpectedly falls in love with a tour guide in Soviet Armenia. Together, they unravel the true story of a Victorian-era Armenian writer living in Japan who becomes the de facto ambassador responsible for shepherding thousands of refugees escaping persecution and genocide.