Jivan is an international award-winning Armenian film director, born in Gyumri, raised in Artsakh, and based in the capital city of Yerevan, Armenia. Jivan is also the co-founder and Executive Director of Fish eye Art Cultural Foundation.

I am Jivan Avetisyan…

and as a chid I grew up during one of the most violent conflicts in the caucuses, and I understand well the brutal consequences of war. And although my own childhood was stripped of playful mischief and instead was laden with responsibility to protect my family and friends. I did not abandon my dream and passion for filmmaking. My lifelong dream of storytelling, of chronicling history, and putting Artsakh on the world map has been realized through the art of filmmaking.

After fulfilling my military service for NKR Defense Army, I pursued my lifelong dream of filmmaking and enrolled myself in a five year study at the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography in the faculty of Feature Films. My career began while working at the Stepanakert Dramatic Theater named after Vahram Papazyan. I was then quickly promoted to the lighting specialist at the Stepanakert Television. My talent was discovered by the television station, and was bestowed the director’s title overseeing all the TV programs.

My passion for feature films grew and I gained the director’s title of films and TV programs at Yerkir Media TV company, a very reputable TV company in Armenia. I worked up the ranks and served as the chief director at Yerkir Media. It was time for me to broaden my horizons with filmmaking and I created well over 20 documentaries, short films, and three feature films, Tevanik, The Last Inhabitant, and Gate to Heaven.

I am currently working on two new film projects, Revival and Black List, both are in its development stage.

Masis is the co-founder and Chairperson of Fish eye Art Cultural Foundation, began his film career with Tevanik in 2014 as a Producer. 

I am Masis Baghdasaryan…

and I co-wrote the script for The Last Inhabitant and I also produced it along with Fish eye Art Cultural Foundation’s third feature film Gate to Heaven.

I graduated from Sisian Secondary School N1 in the early 1970’s. I then continued my education and graduated from Yerevan State University, Physics Department and received my Ph.D Candidate degree in Mathematics and Physics. In 1987, I defended my thesis at Moscow Institute of Electronic Techniques. I was a Candidate of Physics and Mathematical Sciences. I spent over fourteen years working for the Ministry of Urban Development, as Chief of Staff.

I reside in Yerevan, Armenia. I am also working on the development of our new film projects Revival and Black List.

Narine is the Artistic Director, and she is a key strategic player in developing international films in Armenia.

I am Narine Voskanyan…

and I am film director and scriptwriter born in Kapan and currently based in Yerevan, Armenia. I have played an instrumental role with Fish eye Art and Cultural Foundation and currently serve as the Creative Director of the Foundation. I have been creating films with director Jivan Avetisyan for the past six years.

I began my career as Avetisyan’s Assistant for creating The Last Inhabitant, a co-production between five countries. Armenia, Lithuania, Sweden, Lebanon, US.  After the completion of the film, The Last Inhabitant, I was quickly promoted to the Second Director of Avetisyan’s third feature film, Gate to Heaven and I also assisted with the storytelling.

My responsibilities grew while producing Gate to Heaven leading me to gain the Line Producer title. Gate to Heaven is a production of eight countries; Armenia, Lithuania, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Italy, Czech Republic, USA.

With my educational background in cinematography and work experience, has now led her on taking a new role with the film project Revival.  My greatest strength is creative writing and now I have assumed the Scriptwriter’s role for our fourth feature film. Revival is slated for production in 2022.

Research Coordinator

Vahagn joined Fish eye Art and Cultural Foundation in 2019 as the Research Coordinator. 

I am Vahagn Matosyan

and I played a viral role in development stage of the film project Revival. I oversea a number of tasks including CrowdFunding, research and location scouting. In addition, I was able to strategically execute Gate to Heaven Armenian Premiere in October 2019 which was attended by many artists, professors, government officials including Prime Minister, Nikol Pashinyan, and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zohrab Mnatsakanyan.

Izabella shined during the planning and execution of the Gate to Heaven film premiere in Armenia.

I am Izabella Aleksanyan

and as an intern I was able to demonstrate my commitment and passion for filmmaking. After proving my abilities, the foundation hired me to become director Jivan Avetisyan’s assistant.  My role ranges from running the day-to-day operation to being the liaison between all contacts and the foundation. My primary focus is also to ensure the success of all of our film projects. 

Finance is key to any successful organization. 

I am Yelena Melkumyan

and I oversee all financial aspects of the foundation including managing funds and planning for the expenditure of funds on various projects. I also play a key role when presenting finances to the Board of Directors as well as preparing financial data for State fund submissions.